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our board of directors

Douglas Tong Hsu

Douglas Tong Hsu has held an integral role in the ACC Taiwan Foundation since its inception in 1995. Chairman and CEO of Far Eastern Group, Hsu holds degrees from Notre Dame University (B.A., M.A.), did graduate studies in economics in Columbia University, and an Honorary Doctorate of Management from National Chiao Tung University. Hsu is a Trustee of the Asian Cultural Council, as well as founder of Far Eastern Y.Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation and Yuan Ze University.        

ACC Taiwan Foundation Board of Directors              

        Douglas Tong Hsu

Board Members          
        Su-Hwa Chou Yang
        Shirley S.P. Peng
        Suzie Ho
        Pao-Lin Hsu
        Hsiu-Cheng Shen Tsai
        Chen-Mei Lin


Photo from left: Rita Chang, Hsiu-Cheng Shen Tsai, Pao-Lin Hsu, Su-Hwa Chou Yang, Douglas Tong Hsu, Suzie Ho, Shirley S.P. Peng, Chen-Mei Lin